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Women of RedPeg (WoR) is an internal initiative of RedPeg, an award-winning brand engagement agency that’s been making it mean more since 1995. As an employee-run program, WoR is dedicated to inspiring creative action, supporting professional development, and championing internal and external mentorship and inclusion efforts in a world where:

  • Women make up only 5% of CEOs in the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, and 17% of the corporate board members among Fortune 500 companies

  • Women hold under 24% of senior roles across the world in 2018 (a decrease from 25% in 2017)

  • 25% of global businesses have no women in senior management roles

  • Women of color occupy only 11.9% of managerial and professional positions

In an effort to close the gap on these statistics, WoR seeks to inspire and invest in young female leaders through a partnership with an affirming, pro-girl nonprofit organization and the creation of the WoR on the Glass Ceiling Scholarship.