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Eligibility Requirements

Who Can Apply

  • Female college students at any grade level

  • Attending a college or university in DC, Maryland, or Virginia

  • Marketing, Communication, or Business Majors

*The scholarship is not open to employees of RedPeg or their relatives.

The WoR Project

Interested applicants must submit a short essay, video, or presentation explaining what they feel to be the most difficult challenges women face in and outside of the work force. Applicants must also develop a Pay It Forward Plan: An Intra-campus strategy that educates and sparks meaningful conversation for students, faculty and staff on women equality efforts.

Scholarship recipients will be required to implement their developed Pay It Forward Plan over the course of a semester. Recipients must maintain regular communication with WoR regarding progress with their campus project.

*Ideal projects incorporate your career interests and/or college major.


Submission Requirements

Submissions (including the Pay It Forward Plan)

  • Essay’s must be 500-700 words

  • Video submissions must be 5 minutes or less and submitted as a link

  • Presentations must be 10 slides or less and submitted as a PowerPoint or Keynote

In order to be considered, interested applicants must submit a short essay, video, or presentation detailing their Pay It Forward Plan, a resume, and a copy of their transcripts to or by mail to 727 N Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Pay It Forward Plan

  • Must clearly identify the challenge the plan will address within the college community and why this issue is important to women’s equality

  • Must provide a solution that can be executed within the semester

  • Must explain how your Pay It Forward Plan will help remedy the challenge

Applications must be received by November 15, 2018. Two (2) winners will be announced by early December.


Things to Consider

When identifying the challenge, consider…

  • What is the global conversation around women’s equality and how is this reflected in my college community?

  • What statistics can I include to help justify the growing importance of the proposed challenge?

  • Who is impacted by the challenge and why?

  • Are there any systemic barriers that are perpetuating the challenge?

When creating the Pay It Forward Plan, consider…

  • What resources does my university provide that I can leverage (student life groups, faculty, departments, etc.)?

  • What level of effort is needed to implement my plan? Is the level of effort practical/realistic based on my anticipated school work?

  • Who do I want to target in my college community and why? Are there statistics that back my reasoning that I can include to strengthen my plan?

  • Are there any systemic barriers that need to be addressed to provoke change?

  • How am I going to track and report the impact of my plan to WoR at the end of the semester? What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) am I going to track and how?